Speechelo is an artificial intelligence-based software that can assist you in producing human-sounding voiceovers from text scripted for your videos. This software makes it very simple to transform any form of text into natural-sounding voiceovers.

This software contains a large number of male and female voiceovers from which you can choose according to your needs. These voiceovers are available in three tones: regular, happy, and serious, from which you can create voiceovers that fit your needs. As a result, this software can be conveniently integrated with any video editing software.


Create HUMAN sounding VoiceOvers in just 3 Clicks with The World’s best Text-To-Speech software today.

The Speechelo software can be used to obtain audio files of voiceovers in a matter of minutes by following the steps outlined below and pressing your mouse a few times.

Step 1 – Paste your text: Just paste the text you want to be transformed into our online text editor. Our A.I. engine will check your text and will add all the punctuation marks needed to make the speech sound natural.

Step 2 – Choose a voice and language: Speechelo offers over 30 voices for you to choose from. You can preview each voice to hear and find the one that best fits your needs.
Also, you can add breathing sounds, longer pauses in the speech and even choose the tone of the speech: Serious, Joyful or just normal.

Step 3 – Create a voiceover and download: In less than 10 seconds you’ll have your voiceover generated. You can play the voiceover directly from Speechelo to see if you like it or you want to try a different voice.

After that all it is left to do is to DOWNLOAD your brand new voiceover and use it for your projects.

It is as simple as that!

Speechelo Software Features

☑️ Transform any text into speech

☑️ Male & Female voices included

☑️ The only text-to-speech engine that adds inflections in the voice

☑️ Works in [English] and 23 other languages

☑️ Over 30 human-sounding voices

☑️ Read the text in 3 ways: normal tone, joyful tone, serious tone

☑️ Say goodbye to expensive voiceover artists and unreliable freelancers

☑️ Works with any video creation software: Camtasia, Adobe Premier, iMovie, Audacity, etc.

Generation of an unlimited variety of voice

This software program’s standard kit allows you to produce a voiceover of up to 700 words, but if you want to use an infinite amount of words in your voiceover, you’ll have to upgrade the version.

This feature of this software distinguishes it from other choices such as AudioFlow Pro, which only allows you to translate text into voice with a maximum of 3,000 words.

Lot’s Of Text And Languages Supported!

While English is the software’s primary language, its artificial intelligence enables you to receive narration in nearly 23 other foreign languages.

In certain languages, such as French, you can get a variety of voices without having to hire an expensive specialist.

This feature of the program makes it more appealing to freelance YouTubers on a tight budget because it allows them to customize the voiceover at no extra expense.

Anyone can use it simply by pasting the text into the software’s editing area and selecting the appropriate accent and sound.

This software’s artificial intelligence will begin automatically translating your text into the voiceover of your choosing in no time.

This artificial intelligence-based software outperforms other similar choices because it incorporates features such as pitch, focus, and breathing pauses into the voiceover tone, making it sound more realistic.

The languages supported by this software includes:

Dutch, Arabic, Danish, Mandarin, German, Icelandic, French, English, Japanese, Italian, Norwegian, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Romanian, Welsh, Spanish, Russian, and Turkish.

Change Videos Into Captions

This feature of this voiceover software helps you to translate your videos into captions and use them for other purposes. This app automatically analyzes your videos for the language they use and converts it to a non-English or/and English language.

The software would then use artificial intelligence to convert the text script you have into a voice. For people who run multilingual networks, it may be the most useful function of this software.

As a result, by using all of the features of this software, you can expect a higher return on your investment, as it helps you to produce as many voiceovers for your videos as possible without exerting any additional effort.

Speechelo Pricing

This software’s pricing strategy is divided into two categories: Standard and Pro. A one-time payment of $67 is required for the standard version of this program. However, you will be unable to use the enhancements available to users of the Pro edition. You can record voiceovers for a script of up to 700 words and download them in stages.

The Pro version of this program costs $100 a quarter, but for a limited time, a discount of 53% has been offered to bring the price down to $47.

The Pro version of this app allows you to listen to a wide range of voices, including teenagers, infants, men, and women.

To make voiceovers for your videos, you can choose from a range of accents, such as English to American, Japanese to British, and so on.

By upgrading to Pro, you’ll be able to create voiceovers for texts with an infinite number of words, using 30 different voices and 23 different languages besides English.

As a result, you can use this app to generate a variety of voices and easily incorporate them into videos made with any platform, such as Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, iMovie, and Audacity, among others.


Speechelo offers a complete RISK FREE DECISION for you!

If you create a voice-over using Speechelo and you can tell it’s not a HUMAN speaking…

Speechelo will refund all your money and let you keep all the voiceovers that you created!

Frequently Asked Questions About Speechelo

Is this a Cloud-Based software?

Yes, Speechelo is a cloud based solution. Everything is hosted on our servers, nothing to download or install.

You can use Speechelo from your desktop PC, Apple or even from your smart phone.

Does it work in multiple languages?

Yes, it works in ENGLISH and 23 other languages: Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh

Do I get free updates?

YES! You get 100% free auto updates.

Whenever a new update is out, since everything is stored in the cloud, you will instantly be upgraded.
You don’t need to worry about checking manually for updates,everything is done 100% automatically, hassle free.

What happens if I miss out on This Deal?

This is a VERY limited offer and a ONE TIME PAYMENT. Once the launch special ends, Speechelo will only be offered for $100 one time or $67 a month.
So if you want to get more views at an absolute steal – don’t sit on the fence, act now and don’t miss out.